If you’ve been considering a swimming pool for your home, Christmas can be the perfect time to make that purchase and surprise your family with the gift of a pool. A swimming pool is the ultimate gift that family members of any age can be excited about. But, since it’s unlikely you’ll have the pool installed in time for Christmas, you may be wondering how, exactly, you can present your family with this gift. We have a list of four creative and fun ways to give your family the gift of a pool that they can unwrap this holiday season.

1. Wrap one piece of pool equipment.

Opening a pool cleaner or light kit might not sound like the most exciting gift, but once your family figures out that they will soon be swimming in a pool, they will be ecstatic!

2. Give everyone a personalized pool toy.

This can be a fun and creative way to tell your family they will be getting a pool!  Give your son a beach ball or your mother a floating lounge chair. The possibilities are vast with this idea!

3. Frame a collage of swimming pool photos.

Collect a few photos of what you envision your future pool to be, or have an illustration made of your soon-to-be backyard oasis.

4. Give your family access to the pool club.

Give your family a membership gift for joining the pool club–your own family pool club right in your backyard.  Ideas include nice robes, beach towels, sunglasses, etc.

No matter which option you choose, your family is certain to be over joyed.

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Happy Holidays!