Spring is around the corner and as the days start to become warmer, pool owners can anticipate a fun pool season ahead. It’s important to start the season with a working swimming pool, so we put together a list of spring pool maintenance tips to help you have a trouble-free spring start-up.

1. Increase your filtration timer to 6-8 hours per day. As your water temperature increases there is a higher demand for filtration and chlorination.

2. Remove your pool cover. If it has been on constantly then make sure to check it regularly in case algae has started.

3. Clean your swimming pool, to remove excessive leaf matter & debris, this will help eliminate algae growth, clean skimmer & pump baskets.

4. Clean your pool filter. As algae spores can sit there dormant, as soon as the water temperature increases algae can bloom very quickly.

5. Consider a filter degrease and clean. If not done at the end of the last swimming season, this will help clear excessive waste in the filter creating better circulation.

6. Take you pool water to your local swimming pool shop for a full analysis to get the water swimming ready.

Now your pool is ready for swimming!

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