Summer is around the corner, and with it comes sunny days spent pool-side and good times splashing around with family and friends. You may be disappointed you’ll spend another summer without a pool, but it’s not too late! Leisure Pools’ swimming pools have many benefits like our wide selection of beautiful pool designs, our warranty or our stunning gelcoat colors, but another huge benefit is time.
Leisure Pools can have you swimming within a month!
How We Make This Possible: Dig. Drop. Fill. Swim. 
At Leisure Pools, our installation process is simple and efficient. In fact, it often takes longer to choose from our line of 20 great pool designs and seven gelcoat colors than it does actually installing the pool! When everything aligns well, the installation process can be as short as two days. This is because the pools are manufactured at our facility in Knoxville, Tennessee with high standards backed by a full warranty. The pool is delivered to your home ready to place in the ground!
These are the steps:
1. Dig: The pool is delivered to your home where your professional installer will spend a day digging the hole for the pool.
2. Drop: The pool will dropped into the hole.
3. Fill: The pool is then filled with water after setting the pool in place.
4. Swim: Your pool is now ready for endless fun and entertainment!
Want to see how fast and easy the installation process is? Check out this time lapse video!
This quick installation process is ideal for homeowners. Not only does it have you swimming much faster, but you backyard will be usable much sooner and won’t look like a construction zone.
You can be on your way to swimming and enjoying a pool by the time summer hits. Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.