As cooler weather approaches, it’s the perfect time to think about a pool purchase–providing ample time to think about the design that best fits your needs and desires. You’ve seen the beauty of Leisure Pools’ swimming pools, the versatile designs and the array of colour options, but there are so many choices! With 20 different swimming pool and spa designs, that also come in a variety of sizes, it can be challenging to know which design and size to choose–or which features to add. To make this process easier, we’ve provided helpful questions to consider, enabling you to choose the best pool design for you and your family.

1. How old are the people using the pool?

The ages of the individuals using the pool are a big factor in pool design. In addition to thinking about the ages of your present family members, think about the future: Are you considering having children in the future? How old will your children be in the next ten or fifteen years? Will you eventually have grandchildren enjoying the pool? Are you getting older and looking for a pool that will meet your needs as you age? Asking yourself these questions is helpful, since different ages may use the pool in different ways. Just be sure to think about more than the present–you’ll have your pool for a lifetime!

2. How will they use the pool?

Leisure Pools’ swimming pool designs are great for different activities. Some pools are great for swimming laps while others are better for sunbathing, relaxing or pool sports. Here is a helpful list that helps you match the activity with the type of pool:

  • Soaking up the Sun with Tanning Ledge or Splash Deck: A tanning ledge or splash deck is a shallow ledge that can be added to a pool, or is part of the pool design, that is a consistent depth that’s perfect for young children to splash around, or for parents to sunbathe. A great example is our Allure pool, which has a built-in splash deck.
  • Relaxing in a Spa: A spa is not recommended for small children due to the heat, but it’s great for adults who wish to relax or enjoy the benefits of warm, massaging water on joints and muscles. Older individuals will especially enjoy a spa if suffering from arthritis. You can have a spa separate from your pool, or have it as a built-in feature like the Absolute.
  • Swimming Laps: If you plan to swim laps in your pool, you’ll want a pool that is ideal for end-to-end swimming with an obstructed swim corridor. Pools like the Reflection, Elegance, Harmony and Opulence are great choices.
  • Pools Games, Pools Sports Aerobics: A swimming pool with a flat bottom and consistent depth is best for sports and aerobics like the Esprit.
  • Diving: If you or your family members desire a diving board, you’ll need a pool that’s deep enough to prevent head injuries.

3. What features are important?

We design our swimming pools to be more than stunning–our pools are functional and packed with features. All of our pools come with a safety ledge around the perimeter of the pool (learn more about the safety ledge here), but there are other features that vary from design to design. These are some features to look for and consider:

  • Auto Cover: Are you concerned with debris in the pool and don’t want to bother having to take a pool cover on and off? If so, the Reflection with Auto Cover is a great design! And will save you a lot of hassle.
  • Spa Nook Seat (with optional jets): The spa nook seat comes standard on some pool designs, and jets can be added so you can enjoy massaging water. Look for this feature on pools like the Moroccan.
  • Bench Running Length of Pool: A bench running the length of the swimming pool is nice for those wishing to relax and take a break, it’s also a great safety measure if you have children or grandchildren. The ReflectionEsprit, Harmony, Moroccan are some of the pools with this feature.
  • Swim Jet System: If you like swimming laps, but find your pool is too small for effective lap swimming, you can add a swim jet system. A small pool like the Platinum Plunge or the Olympus is a great fit for a swim jet system.
  • Pool/Spa Combination: If you want a pool and a spa, you’re in luck–we have pool and spa combinations like the Absolute, Opulence and Allure!
  • Pool/Splash Deck Combination: You can also choose a pool that has a built-in splash deck, or add one on. The Reflection with Splash Deck is a great example.

5. How much space do you have?

The size or your backyard or the space where you will put the pool is important. Depending on the size of your backyard, you might not be able to fit a pool like the Reflection with Splash Deck that is 9.5m long. If you have a small backyard, don’t worry! Leisure Pools has swimming pool designs to fit nearly any space. Our pool designs that are great for smaller spaces are the Olympus, Platinum Plunge,  Courtyard Roman, Fiji Plunge and any of our spas.

6. What aesthetic do you prefer?

Pools come in two basic styles: rectangular or freeform. A rectangular pool has sleek, modern lines and angular corners, whereas a freeform pool has flowing curves. It ultimately comes down to which aesthetic you prefer, and that best meets your needs. Rectangular pool examples are the Reflection and Elegance, and freeform pool examples are the Allure and Tuscany. If you like the look of Roman style pools, you’ll love the Courtyard Roman.

If the stunning look of an infinity or vanishing edge pool is appealing, Leisure Pools offers the Horizon–to achieve the vanishing edge effect, you have to have the right backyard though.

7. What color complements your home and backyard?

One of the wonderful, unique aspects of Leisure Pools swimming pools is the array of gelcoat colours. Learn more about our gelcoat colours and the technological advantages.


We hope you’ll take the time to view our full fibreglass swimming offering. Our team can help you through the swimming pool purchase process. Contact Leisure Pools today and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.