High Waterline Fibreglass Pools Are Here

There’s a hot new pool trend: High waterline pools. And you can find it at Leisure Pools! This innovative approach to traditional pool design provides a full water look with a seamless transition to paving. With the visual aesthetic of the high waterline that hides the skimmer boxes, and the installation of drop edge paving it’s nearly impossible to tell where the water line finishes and the paving starts. If you’re looking for a stunning, elegant and tropical look, this is a great choice. And we offer it in several pool designs!

The Acclaim High Waterline

The Acclaim offers our patented High Waterline design, which includes the incorporation of two weirs and hidden skimmer boxes that allows the Acclaim to be nearly filled with water and yet still skim debris off the water surface. This pool features minimal but perfectly arranged steps and swim out benches. The splash deck stretches the entire width of the shallow end creating a massive space to allow for your children to play safely under supervision, and for everyone to relax and soak in the sun.

The Elite High Waterline 

New! Pictures coming soon!

The Elite follows in the footsteps of the popular Acclaim and Europa ranges, offering all the same stylish design elements and features, but with broader swimming areas for those with larger backyards or for larger families requiring more swimming space and alternative options for enjoying the pool. It features a large splash deck that encompasses the whole width of the shallow end providing a great area for kids to play and families to relax, generous entry stairs for easy access, a flat bottom floor which is great for games and play and provides a large enough corridor for multiple swimmers to exercise or swim laps simultaneously.

The Europa High Waterline

The Europa has a beautifully modern look with a large splash deck perfect for little ones to enjoy the pool with you. A single set of stairs flow gracefully into the large swimming space, with a flat bottom floor, perfect for cooling down or playing games with family and friends. For those looking for exercise options, the Europa can have the addition of a swim jet system allowing you to swim on the spot at your own pace.

Are you interested in a High Waterline pool from Leisure Pools? Contact us today (www.leisurepools.com.au) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.