Christmas is almost here, and the holidays are underway. Holiday decorating is a fun tradition, and helps get into the peace and joy of the holiday season. As you decorate your home for the holidays and make it inviting with holiday cheer, you can be thinking about your pool space too.

1. Poolside Hors d’oeuvres

If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen, it’s likely most convenient to have your Christmas dinner indoors. But, having hors d’oeuvres poolside can be fun and entertaining. Invite guests outside by the pool to enjoy the fresh air as delectable finger food and drinks are served.

2. Feast by the Pool

A holiday dinner by the pool will be a memorable experience. This works out well with an outdoor kitchen, or catering. With outdoor kitchens, you can cook and entertain simultaneously, and interact with guests.

3. Holiday Pool Parties

‘Tis the season for holiday parties. You can make your holiday party special by having it at your pool. Decorate your pool space with string of lights, Christmas trees, wreaths and holiday colors. Serve holiday themed drinks accented with candy canes. Guests can receive a pool related party favor and you can make a splash with pool games.

4. Post-Dinner Cocktails or Tea

If you enjoyed your Holiday dinner indoors, you can always have guests retreat to the pool area following dinner. Cap the night off with cocktails or tea, or dessert, outside by the pool. If your pool is nicely lit and decorated, it will provide beautiful scenery for your guests.


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