There are many reasons why swimming pools are a wonderful addition to your home, but one of the primary benefits is exercise. If you’re looking to get fit this year and stay in shape, you’re in luck: Leisure Pools offers a variety of pool designs that are perfect for exercise.

These are some of the top pool choices to consider:

Rectangular Pools with an Obstructed Swim Corridor

Swimming laps is a fantastic form of exercise that burns calories, provides the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and works and tones the entire body. If you’re interested in lap swimming, you’ll want a pool with a nice, long unobstructed swim corridor that is conducive to swimming laps. We recommend pools such as our Harmony, Esprit, Elegance or Reflection.

Flat Bottom Pools

If you prefer water aerobics and sports like pool volleyball or basketball, a flat bottom pool is a great fit. This makes it a lot easier to plant both feet on the bottom of the pool. We recommend a pool like our Europa.

Plunge Pools with Swim Jets

Just because you have a small backyard it doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool and swim to stay fit! We offer plunge pools that are small enough to fit in nearly any backyard. Add a swim jet system and you’ll be able to swim like you’re swimming laps. Our plunge pools include the Platinum Plunge and the Fiji Plunge.

View our full range of swimming pools here: 

Once you have a swimming pool, there’s some helpful gear to have when swimming for fitness:

  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap
  • Kick Board
  • Pull Buoy
  • Fins
  • Paddles.
  • Towel 
If you’re unfamiliar with these gear items and not sure how to use them, check out our blog post about how these gear items can enhance your swimming and a guide on how to best each item:


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