Swimming provides many health and fitness benefits. It builds strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Swimming is also great for those with joint pain as there isn’t impact like running or jogging. Also, it’s a full body workout toning a variety of muscles from head to toe. You may even find it helps reduce stress as swimming is peaceful. For these reasons, many people purchase and install a swimming pool to stay fit and healthy. While swimming laps is enjoyable on its own, it’s also fun to jazz it up with gear items to enhance your swimming

1. Kick Board

A kick board is great for toning your legs. And, when your arms get tired, you grab your kick board and work your legs, giving your arms a rest. Kick board are inexpensive and a great swimming tool.

2. Pull Float

Just like a kick board helps work your legs, a pull float goes between your legs so you can work your arms. It’s also helpful for working on your form.

3. Fins

A set of fins is fun to use, and it will help build mobility and flexibility in your ankles.

4. Hand Paddles

Hand paddles can help you work your arms while also helping you determine the best hand position in the water.

5. Swim Cap

A swim cap will keep your hair out of your face if you have long hair and also reduces drag. It also keeps your hair healthier.

6. Micro Fiber Towel

When it comes to drying off, a micro fiber towel works much better and dries more quickly than cotton.

7. A Good Drag-Resistant Swim Suit

Instead of baggy shorts or swim suit with lots of frills, opt for a sleek swim suit that will enable you to cut through the water.

Most importantly, if you don’t yet have a pool, check out our swimming pool show roomFor swimming laps, you’ll want a pool with an unobstructed swim corridor such as these pools:

Or, if you own a home with a smaller space for a pool, you can opt for a plunge pool with an added swim jet system like the Platinum Plunge, Fiji Plunge or The Olympus.

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