Are you the type of person who desires something a little different and unique–something that stands out and has a “wow” factor? If so, you’ll love the options we have at Leisure Pools. Although even our most basic of pool designs is beautiful, for people who want that extra special, breathtaking look customised to their aesthetic, we’ve got you covered with these features and offerings:

High Waterline Pools

Our designers wanted to come up with something fresh and new that takes the design features of a swimming pool to the next level. The result is a breakthrough in swimming pool design and technology which allows for operating water heights never seen in the industry.

The patented High Waterline design includes the incorporation of dual weirs and hidden skimmer boxes that allow the range to be nearly filled with water and yet still skim debris off the water surface.

Leisure Pools is proud to present the most innovative, expansive swimming pool range in the industry with the Acclaim, Europa and new Elite added this year.


Combination Pools

Our combination pools combine features like a splash deck and spa with a pool all in one design. This provides a striking look while providing the swimming pool owner with great features. Check out our Allure, Absolute and Opulence.

Vanishing Edge Pool

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in fibreglass pool construction. The Horizon features a unique design and innovative technology including a stunning infinity edge causing water to seemingly disappear into the horizon. The panoramic view it provides is striking!

Pool Colours

The colour needs to be something that you like, that suits your landscaping and surrounds, and that makes you want to dive right in to your pool! We offer a shimmer colour range with eight beautiful colours and a granite range with six options. View the colours here:

Water Features

A water feature offers the stunning look of cascading water into your pool. Our water features can be tiled to fit your home’s aesthetic in any colours or look. We also offer six different styles of water features. View them here:

Pool Lighting

Underwater lights make swimming pools come alive at night! It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, swimming pool lighting is essential to get the most out of your swimming pool and truly make it a beautiful focal piece for your home. Learn more here:


To make a splash into pool ownership or learn more contact us today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.