Welcome to the dawn of a new era in fibreglass pool construction. The Horizon features a unique design and innovative technology including a stunning infinity edge causing water to seemingly disappear into the horizon!

A full width bench provides seating for relaxation, where optional spa jets can be added to enhance your experience.

Optional storage compartments can be added to the pool to conveniently house its filtration equipment, and the compartments can double as sun lounges so you can relax comfortably whilst watching those in the pool.

The Horizon is perfect for awkward sloping sites or into a deck where you thought a pool might not be possible!

While The Horizon is a great option for a vanishing edge pool, nearly any Leisure Pools swimming pool can be made into a vanishing edge pool.

How does an infinity or vanishing edge pool work?

A vanishing edge pool is an illusion.  It has an edge that comes to water level instead of above it, so that water flows over the edge.  A trough or catch basin is installed that the water over flows into.  From here the water is collected and pumped back into the main pool.

How can you get the best vanishing edge effect?

For the best effect, the vanishing edge must be positioned so that you can’t see the catch pool from the prime viewing spots. The easiest site to build on is a gentle slope, however, it can also be installed on flat land or a steep slope with the right engineering.


Whether you choose a vanishing edge pool or something more traditional, you can turn your backyard into a stunning and exotic space.  Take the first step and contact Leisure Pools today (www.leisurepools.com.au) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style!