One of the benefits of choosing a Leisure Pools swimming pool is our wide range of brilliant pool colours to make your pool uniquely your own and to compliment your homeland pool space.

The Colour Range has been developed over years of research, looking at different landscapes and surrounds, listening to customer feedback, and the drive to make swimming pools suit such a wide range of tastes.

The technology behind our colour range can be just as important as the colour itself, and so in partnership with allnex, the Leisure Pools Colour Range not only looks good, but has excellent UV, blister and chemical resistance as well. Which is so important in today’s climates and the environmental influences around your pool.

But there is one new colour that we’re excited to introduce…Shimmer White. In different lights this beautiful colour will look like it has millions of diamonds scattered over the pool surface.

This colour has become increasingly popular among pool owners and we can understand why–it’s stunning! Here’s what it looks like on five of our different pool ranges.

To learn more about the Leisure Pools colour range and to view our full offering of pool colours, visit this link:

If you’re interesting in learning more or getting started with the pool buying process, contact Leisure Pools today and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.