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SMART Sand Filter Overview


We all enjoy the taste and benefits of good clean fresh water.

One of the most important aspects of healthy, clean swimming water is the removal of any dirt or debris.

The SMART Sand Filter is ideally sized with the SMART Pump to operate and maintain any of the Leisure Pool designs. The internals of the SMART Sand Filter allow for 50% additional efficiency compared to other sand filters in the marketplace, this extends the life of the sand.

A variety of media is available to provide the most effective method of cleaning your water. Sand is the traditional media and removes debris down to 20 micron. Sand is long lasting and will offer many years of minimal maintenance to enhance the enjoyment of your pool.

Glass media is an excellent alternative, that uses recycled pre-consumer waste and filters down to 10 micron to give an enhanced performance on sand. Glass has a similar lifespan to sand


SMART Sand Filter Benefits

The SMART Sand Filter provides just the right level of performance for all pools and spas up to 90,000 litres of water. Complete with a 6 way Multi-Port Valve the SMART Sand Filter is easy to install and provides extremely low pressure drop so it is ideally suited to the SMART Variable Speed Pump allowing you to operate at a lower speed and reduce your energy consumption significantly.

The SMART Sand Filter is available in three different sizes – 200, 300 & 400, each is ideally suited to the range of Leisure Pool shells. The SMART Sand Filter is covered by a 10 year pro rata warranty on the filter tank. The valve and internal fittings are covered by a 12 month warranty.



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SMART Sand Filter Range

Now you’ve decided you want a swimming pool, the next important decision is how your water is to be treated to provide you a healthy and safe swimming environment with minimal ongoing maintenance. The less maintenance you have to worry about will mean more time for you and your family to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of owning your own pool.

Leisure Pools have worked in conjunction with AstralPool Australia, the largest global equipment manufacturer to produce a range of products ideally suited to our swimming pool designs as well as the Australian environment. The SMART range of products have been developed to provide you with the maximum amount of energy and water savings, as well as making the control of the pool a simple exercise!

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SMART Sand Filter Specifications

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