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SMART Robotic Cleaner Overview



The SMART Robotic Cleaner is at the cutting edge of technology for cleaning the floor of your pool. As an alternative to the traditional suction cleaner, the SMART Robotic Cleaner is superior in many ways. The SMART Robotic Cleaner is fully independent of the pool filtration system and works without any suction hoses or hook up booster pumps, this extends the life of your valuable equipment and significantly reduces your running costs. Installation is simple, just connect and place in the pool, the 3 hour cycle will have your pool clear of debris in no time.

A powerful high speed motor and an ultra fine inbuilt filtration bag, down to 2 micron, is essentially a secondary circulation and filtration system for your pool water. The SMART Robotic Cleaner also has a scrubbing action tha t removes and collects significantly more debris that other cleaning devices.

The SMART Robotic Cleaner is a SMART option for keeping your new Leisure Pools swimming pool looking perfect.


SMART Robotic Cleaner Benefits


The SMART Robotic Cleaner offers the following amazing benefits:

  • SMART Robotic Cleaner is simple and safe to install and remove from the pool environment.
  • SMART Robotic Cleaner scans the floor of the swimming pool and over a 2 hour cycle ensures that it completely cleans the entire floor without missing a spot.
  • SMART Robotic Cleaner has an inbuilt pump, which provides an additional water circulation system to the main equipment system, ensuring that no parts of the swimming pool water   are not circulated resulting in an even healthier swimming.
  • SMART Robotic Cleaner has an inbuilt filter bag that filters debris out of the water down to 2 microns, which is lower than a sand filter and cartridge filter, providing for cleaner water.


SMART Robotic Cleaner Range

Now you’ve decided you want a swimming pool, the next important decision is how your water is to be treated to provide you a healthy and safe swimming environment with minimal ongoing maintenance. The less maintenance you have to worry about will mean more time for you and your family to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of owning your own pool.

Leisure Pools have worked in conjunction with AstralPool Australia, the largest global equipment manufacturer to produce a range of products ideally suited to our swimming pool designs as well as the Australian environment. The SMART range of products have been developed to provide you with the maximum amount of energy and water savings, as well as making the control of the pool a simple exercise!

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SMART Robotic Cleaner End of In Floor Cleaning

Many years ago swimming pool equipment suppliers developed various in-floor cleaning systems that were built into the swimming pool structure in order to automatically clean the debris out of the swimming pool and provide improved circulation.

The introduction of in-floor cleaning years ago was as a result of the suction cleaners that were on the market at the time being relatively unreliable in not cleaning the entire floor of the swimming pool and providing no circulation benefits. The problems however with in-floor cleaning included:

  • Very expensive system as it required both expensive equipment, fittings and piping together with considerable time to install.
  • The risk existed that each time a hole was cut into the swimming pool to install an in-floor fitting the greater the risk existed of it leaking.
  • With an extensive network of pipes linking the system there was the risk of a pipe breaking, splitting or cracking to potentially be another leak point.
  • Given the in-floor system is installed around and under the swimming pool to repair a leak would generally at best involve landscaping, concrete and paving to be pulled up to access the pipe work to locate the leak or at worst the swimming pool to be pool out of the ground which is both incredibly disruptive and incredibly expensive.
  • The in-floor system is also an expensive system to run in terms of electricity costs and very high demand on the equipment requiring more frequent equipment replacement.

With the introduction of the SMART Robotic Cleaner the requirement for in-floor cleaning is now a thing of the past.

SMART Robotic Cleaner Suction Cleaner




Apart from in-floor cleaning, the traditional way to clean a swimming pool was to use what is commonly referred to as a suction cleaner. The suction cleaner has a floating hose on the surface of the pool going down to a stingray looking device that shudders around the bottom of the swimming pool sucking up debris and placing it in the skimmer box.

The problems however with suction cleaners included:

  • Regularly get stuck in corners of swimming pools and don’t always clean all parts of the swimming pool.
  • Provide no circulation or water filtration feature to provide healthy clean water.
  • Require the main circulation pump to be run at high speed in order to generate sufficient suction resulting in excessive electricity costs and high wear on the circulation pool.

With the introduction of the SMART Robotic Cleaner the suction cleaner is now a thing of the past.