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SMART Remote Control Overview


The SMART Remote Control System is a 4 channel FM Remote that allows independent control of one to four pieces of equipment by use of the FM remote control.

No need to go to the equipment to turn lights on or off or Spa Blower on or off.

The FM Remote control gives freedom of operation and more time to enjoy your pool!


SMART Remote Control Benefits

One of the reasons your considering a swimming pool is to improve your lifestyle with a healthy, convenient way for your family to enjoy themselves at home.

The SMART Remote Control goes that one step further by enabling you to control many of the great features of the swimming pool from the press of a button on a remote control.

From turning on lights, water features, swim jets, spa jets or a blower everything can be controlled from the press of a button.

Imagine being around the BBQ showing off to your friends by turning items on and off on your swimming pool.

The SMART Remote Controller really is a SMART option!



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SMART Remote Control Range

Now you’ve decided you want a swimming pool, the next important decision is how your water is to be treated to provide you a healthy and safe swimming environment with minimal ongoing maintenance. The less maintenance you have to worry about will mean more time for you and your family to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of owning your own pool.

Leisure Pools have worked in conjunction with AstralPool Australia, the largest global equipment manufacturer to produce a range of products ideally suited to our swimming pool designs as well as the Australian environment. The SMART range of products have been developed to provide you with the maximum amount of energy and water savings, as well as making the control of the pool a simple exercise!

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