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SMART Pump Overview


The heart of the swimming pool is the circulation pump. The pump is essential for moving the water throughout the pool including the filter to remove any debris and then through the sanitiser to remove any bacteria. The result is healthy, clean, safe swimming water for all the family to enjoy.

Leisure Pools have worked with AstralPool to develop up the SMART Pump exclusively for Leisure Pools customers.

The SMART Pump is an 8 Star Energy Efficient Pump. What this means for you is that it will save up to $800 per year* in electricity costs compared to a standard swimming pool pump.

The SMART Pump is also significantly quieter than conventional pool pumps. So quiet that it can be operated at times simply not feasible for other pumps. This means you can use the SMART Pump during off peak electricity times reducing your power bill even further.

The SMART Pump’s environmentally savings are equally impressive with savings of up to 1 tonne of Co2 emissions each year compared to a conventional pump.

The SMART Pump is truly a SMART alternative for operating your Leisure Pools swimming pool.

(*Depending upon area and electricity tariffs)




SMART Pump Benefits


The main feature of the SMART Pump is the innovative DC motor that can efficiently run at any selected speed. Leisure Pools have selected three speeds that will provide you with all the options you need whilst saving up to 80% on running costs compared to a conventional swimming pool pump. The SMART Pump is rated with 8 stars on the MEPS energy-efficient scale, the highest in the market.

Ideal operation is running the SMART Pump at the lowest speed, this reduces the flow rate through the filter to allow more debris to be captured and not returned to the pool. The slow flow also enhances the output on any sanitiser to ensure the cleanest water. Another benefit is the near silent operation of the pump, enabling it to be installed virtually anywhere without risk of annoying neighbours and can also be run at night to take advantage of even lower energy rates.

Easy to use speed selection buttons, as well as an inbuilt time-clock, allow you the flexibility to adjust speeds at different times of the day to allow for pool vacuuming, water features or spa jets. The lower flow rates also reduce the overall pressure in the filtration system, resulting in longer life for all your equipment.

The SMART Pump reduces your global footprint in relation to the environment. With the reduction of up to 80% of your energy usage, this represents a saving of over 1 tonne of CO2 or greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.
The SMART Pump is ideally suited to any of the Leisure Pools range.



SMART Pump Range

Now you’ve decided you want a swimming pool, the next important decision is how your water is to be treated to provide you a healthy and safe swimming environment with minimal ongoing maintenance. The less maintenance you have to worry about will mean more time for you and your family to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of owning your own pool.

Leisure Pools have worked in conjunction with AstralPool Australia, the largest global equipment manufacturer to produce a range of products ideally suited to our swimming pool designs as well as the Australian environment. The SMART range of products have been developed to provide you with the maximum amount of energy and water savings, as well as making the control of the pool a simple exercise!

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SMART Pump Specifications