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Manual Pool Covers Overview

When it comes to equipment and accessories for your pool, one option worth considering is investing in a Pool Cover or Blanket.

Pool Covers provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Reducing evaporation by up to 97% therefore substantially reducing your need to top up your swimming pool
  • Reduce salt and chemical usage by up to 50%
  • Assisting with heating of your swimming pool by keeping the swimming pool water insulated. (Can assist with heating by up to 8 degrees)
  • Assisting in keeping leaves and dirt out of the swimming pool

Leisure Pools recommends Daisy Pool Covers who are Australia’s largest swimming pool cover supplier.



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Manual Pool Covers Benefits

Leisure Pools partner with Daisy to assist pool owners in reducing the costs of maintaining a warm – sustainable pool. A Daisy Pool Cover is environmentally responsible and economically sensible Exclusive Daisy UltraDome technology completely eliminates weak points and gives you a tougher cover – top and bottom.

The perfectly-formed UltraDome bubble makes Daisy a stronger pool cover that will last longer.

Daisy Pool Covers will last longer because the added thickness is located just where it is needed the most – at the point of contact where solar heat meets chemical activity.

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Manual Pool Covers Specifications

S8B Blue Daisy Series 88 year pro rata warrantyMaximum durability
S8G Green Daisy Series 88 year warrantyColour Alternative - 500 micron
S8B Blue Daisy Series 85 year pro rata warrantyThermal foam pool blanket
S8SS Daisy Series 88 year pro rata warrantySolar Screen Opaque - 500 micr on
S8SB Daisy Series 88 year pro rata warrantySilver Back Opaque - 400 micron
S5B Daisy Series 55 year pro rata warrantyTransparent Blue - 400 micron
S4B Daisy Series 44 year pro rata warrantyTransparent Blue - 300 micr on
S3B Daisy Series 33 year pro rata warrantyTransparent Blue - 200 micron
Winterkleen Mesh8 year pro rata warrantyBlue or Green - 300 micron