You’re considering buying a swimming pool, but you’re not sure which type of pool to choose. When it comes to buying a pool, there are many choices, and one of the first choices to make is the type of pool. There are vinyl liner pools, concrete pools and fibreglass pools. At Leisure Pools, we stand behind fibreglass swimming pools for many reasons:

1. Speed of Installation
Your fibreglass swimming pool comes direct from the Leisure Pools manufacturing facility, pre-made and ready to install. In fact, you can be swimming in as little as 4 days after council approval. Compare that to a concrete pool that can take months to complete and during that time your backyard looks a mess!

2. Smooth Finish
Leisure Pools fibreglass swimming pools have a smooth clean gelcoat finish that is non-abrasive. There are no sharp edges or rough finishes. Compare that to some concrete pools that are so abrasive they can harm your skin.

3. Maintenance Free
The gelcoat finish on a Leisure Pool not only looks great, its so easy to look after. The surface is smooth and non-porous so it cleans easily and is very stain resistant.

4. Low Chemical Usage
No one likes swimming in a chemical cocktail but some pools require constant monitoring and expensive chemicals. Not so with Leisure Pools fibreglass, the surface is chemically inert so there is nothing in the pool surface that can alter the water chemistry. Hence, very low chemical usage and considerable cost savings on running your pool.

5. Surprising Strength
Leisure Pools fiberglass pools exceed the Australian Standards for shell thickness. The high tensile strength of fibreglass will allow the pool shell to flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement. No wonder airplane manufacturers are using fibreglass to build planes!

6. Great Designs
Leisure Pools prides itself on being at the cutting edge of pool design technology. All of our swimming pool shapes are new designs and reflect today’s thinking and architectural trends. There will be a Leisure Pools design to ideally suit your home.

7. Colour Range
Leisure Pools offers an exclusive range of six beautiful colours, each with its own sparkle and shimmer finish, ensuring you will be able to find the perfect color to suit your home, taste and budget.

8. The Right Choice
Some times what we see in our minds doesn’t always translate to the pool builder. With Leisure Pools fibreglass swimming pools, what you see is what you get. The swimming pool shapes and sizes come off molds and cannot vary in anyway.

9. Compatibility
Salt chlorinators, chlorine, fresh water systems, ozone systems all work wonderfully well with Leisure Pools fibreglass swimming pools. Whatever your choice may be it will be compatible.

10. Warranty
If you are getting other quotes, ask if a lifetime warranty is being provided on the structure of the swimming pool. At best with a concrete swimming pool you will get a 7 year warranty – do you hope to have your pool longer than 7 years?

These are all fantastic reasons to purchase a fibreglass swimming pool, but let’s focus for a minute on #1,  installation. This an important part of the swimming pool purchasing process.

Why Fibreglass Swimming Pools are the Best in Terms of Installation

When installing a swimming pool, it’s inevitable that your back yard or home will be a bit messy during the installation process. Installing an in-ground pool involves digging a hole for the pool, so while your pool is being installed, your back yard will not be usable for the most part. The great thing about Leisure Pools composite fibreglass pools is that once that hole has been dug, the pool has already been manufactured at our facility and can merely be dropped into the hole. On the other hand, with a concrete pool, it takes the longest of any pool to install because the concrete has to cure for up a month. There are also many variables that can lead to a concrete pool taking even longer. As you consider your pool purchase, do you really want to have your back yard torn up all summer as the pool is installed? When you purchase a pool, there’s a lot of excitement and most customers want to be swimming as soon as possible and enjoying their pool.


With all the reasons to choose fibreglass pools, why not start the pool buying process? Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.