In researching pools, there may seem to be infinite choices in pool design, leaving you wondering which style best suits your taste and backyard.  As you view pools, you may see the terminology “rectangular” and “freeform”.  Although the shape of rectangular pool is obvious, you may wondering what the benefits of a rectangular pool are as well as what a free form pool is and what the benefits of that pool design are too.

Rectangular Pools

Rectangular pools are one of the most popular, and standard, pool shapes available today. Relatively simple in nature, these pools create clean lines and are usually welcome in a variety of pool spaces. Rectangular pools are perfect for a more sophisticated and formal space and often tend to work well with the existing setting.

One great feature of rectangular pools is that they tend to have a lot of space for both swim and play. Provided that the pool will usually include steps and benches, pools with an open corridor are great for the possibilities of end-to-end swimming and play. Many rectangular pools also offer the amenity of depth. Deeper pools  are great if you desire a diving board, and more shallow pools are great for playing games with all ages.

Leisure Pools currently offers these composite fibreglass rectangular pools:

  • Elegance – The Elegance offers a classic shape with a large swimming corridor and bench seat.
  • Reflection – The Reflection is a standard rectangular shape with a large swim corridor, full-length bench seat, and the option to have an auto cover.
  • Reflection with Auto Cover – All the benefits of the Reflection with the addition of an automatic cover.
  • Reflection with Splash Deck – All the benefits of the Reflection with the addition of a splash deck.
  • Absolute – The Absolute is just that: the design exceeds the expectations of what a pool should be with a built in splash deck, spa and unobstructed swim corridor.
  • Harmony – The Harmony is a smaller and more shallow rectangular pool, but still offers plenty of space and a full-length bench seat.
  • Esprit – The Esprit provides a full featured swimming pool that can fit in small backyards.
  • Platinum Plunge – The Platinum Plunge is stylish, modern and takes up minimal space.
  • Olympus – The Olympus is a rectangular pool that offers rounded corners. It’s part of Leisure Pools popular plunge pool range.

Freeform Pools

Freeform pools are not any particular shape, in fact, the word “freeform” encompasses any pool that is flowing in design and does not fit into any other existing category. This pool shape typically has rounded edges and may even include large curved areas, making landscaping and features seemingly endless.

Freeform pools are perfect for blank-slate backyards. This means that you can customise the landscaping to fit the freeform shape of the pool. A cluster of palm trees in one curve, a nice swim-out bench in another! If you see your backyard as a paradise or an imaginative getaway, a freeform pool could help you create that perfect atmosphere.

Leisure Pools has stunning freeform composite fibreglass pools that are perfect for any space and use:

  • Riviera – The Riviera features gentle curves around the entire perimeter, giving it a subtle freeform shape. It has a large wrapped bench seat at the shallow end, leaving plenty of swim space.
  • Allure – Much like the Eclipse, the Allure holds a similar shape while offering a splash deck, built-in spa, and a deep end swim out seat.
  • Tuscany – The Tuscany, which is a kidney shape, is a delight to landscape.  It’s free form shape can also adapt well into difficult corner sites, and can be manoeuvred into places that many other more formal shapes won’t fit.

Leisure Pools even offers pools that are a little of both: rectangular but with a flowing curve, providing added beauty like the Moroccan and Opulence. The Horizon is an infinity pool with a semi-circle design.

Learn more and view the pool designs in the Leisure Pools pool showroom.

Whether you choose a rectangular pool or freeform pool, we’re certain you’ll love your Leisure Pools swimming pool. Contact us today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.