While most people think of swimming pools very positively, there are a handful of myths or misconceptions out there surrounding pools. We put together a list of the most common misconceptions with information on why they’re false or in some cases only partly false. This information can provide additional peace of mind as you consider the path toward pool ownership.

1. I can never have a pool because my backyard is too small

False! At Leisure Pools we offer pools in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit nearly backyard size. If you have an especially small backyard, a plunge pool could be a great fit. These pools are small but can be fitted with swim jet systems so you can use the pool to cool off AND for exercise. The picture is our Fiji Plunge Pool. We also offer the Courtyard Roman that can fit smaller spaces.

2. A swimming pool will lower the value of my home

False! A swimming pool can increase your home value by up to 7%. In some areas of the country, it can increase the value of your home even more–particularly in areas that have a warmer climate and in neighborhoods where the other homes have pools.

3. The installation of the pool will have my backyard in disarray for months

False! The great thing about choosing a Leisure Pools composite fibreglass pool is that the pool shell is already constructed and delivered to your home and installed in the ground. While it does require some digging, the installation only requires a matter of weeks so you can be swimming much sooner than a concrete/gunite pool.

4. If you pee in a pool the water will change color

False! This is likely something parents made up to encourage their kids not to pee in the pool. Which leads us to #5.

5. There’s no harm done with peeing in the pool

According to this article by Popular Science, peeing in the pool is bad since it alters the chemistry and interacts with chlorine producing a toxic chemical. The risk of it being detrimental to your health is low, but still best to avoid it.

6. I only need to shower before getting in a public pool

False! Showering before entering your pool is not only more cleanly, but can prevent having to use extra chlorine from impurities entering the water.

7. I don’t need to winterize my pool

Neither true or false. It depends on personal preference and the temperatures in the area you live since freezing temperatures can damage pool equipment. Some people prefer to winterize their pools so they don’t have the pool maintenance over the winter while other people may choose to have a heated pool and keep their pool open. For tips on swimming pool winterization, read our winterization blog post here.

8. The water in my pool is clear so it must be clean

Not necessarily. While a cloudy pool could mean a problem with the filtration, it’s still important to check your pool chemicals even when the water is clear since they could still be off.

9. I have to wait an hour after eating to swim in the pool

Sort of true. Eating before swimming can increase the likelihood of cramps, but it’s unlikely that it will cause you to drown. It’s best to play it safe though and either eat lightly before swimming or make sure you’re swimming at a safe depth after eating.

10. Dogs shouldn’t swim in the pool

False–but there are certain precautions dog owners should take to ensure the health and safety of their dog. Before you allow your dog in the pool, make sure your dog can get safety in and out of the pool and always be sure your dog has plenty of drinking water and doesn’t over heat. It’s also a good rule of thumb to never let your dog swim in the pool without supervision.


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