Just as computer technology has changed greatly over the past decade, so has the fibreglass swimming pool industry – an industry that’s exploding in the United States.

Leisure Pools were one of the pioneering companies to introduce coloured swimming pools into the composite fibreglass swimming pool industry. As a result of our initiatives it has changed the industry forever in North America.

Leisure Pools has a long history of offering its swimming pools in a range of coloured gelcoats. In 2002 Leisure Pools introduced Aquaguard® coloured gelcoats into the North American market when the majority of manufacturers were offering plain white coloured swimming pools. As a result of Leisure Pools initiatives in North America it has changed an industry and has been one of the catalysts driving the increase in market share that the fibreglass industry has been experiencing.

For North America, Leisure Pools has partnered up with world leading manufacturer of coloured swimming pool gelcoat, Nuplex Composites. Leisure Pools have the exclusive rights to use the Aquaguard® Eco Plus colour range in North America. This latest advancement has been branded by Leisure Pools as the Leisure Pools SMART Colour Range.

Nuplex Composites have been manufacturing coloured gelcoat for in excess of 20 years.  In that time hundreds of thousands of swimming pools have been manufactured with this proven Aquaguard® formulation.  Nuplex Composites is a public company on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges. They are global leaders in the development of gelcoat technology. Nuplex have an annual turnover of in excess of $1.6 billion, 22 manufacturing sites worldwide and supply customers in over 85 countries.

The Leisure Pools SMART Colour Range looks good, has excellent UV, blister and chemical resistance and is backed by the largest supplier of gelcoats for the swimming pool industry.

Today, you can achieve the beauty of a concrete pool without the major maintenance drawbacks that come with such a product – a fact that makes us proud to be a part of here at Leisure Pools.