With any swimming pool installation your backyard will become a construction zone.  Whether it is a concrete, vinyl liner or fibreglass swimming pool there is going to be construction in your backyard.

For any inground swimming pool installation dirt is going to need to be dug out of the ground and removed so that the swimming pool can be installed.  This will be the case for any type of swimming pool structure.  In order to remove the dirt excavation equipment will be used such as an excavator, backhoe, bobcat or something similar.

Unless the dirt is to be left on site for retaining, the dirt will need to be loaded into a truck and hauled away.  All of this backwards and forwards of excavating the dirt and removing the dirt away is going to cause a little short term damage to your grass and gardens.

The good thing with a fibreglass swimming pool is that this process is very quick.  Most excavations for a fibreglass swimming pool can be done in as little as a day.  The fibreglass swimming pool is then lowered into position in the excavated hole and then backfilled whilst water is being added on day two.  Generally after day two your grass and gardens can be starting to recover from the excavation and fibreglass swimming pool installation.

From that point for a fibreglass swimming pool the concrete bond beam and any decking or paving will be laid and from that point it is down to the final landscaping that you wish to undertake.  We have seen fibreglass swimming pools installed and fully operational in as little as 3 days and in general are completed from start to finish within 10 days subject to the amount of decking or paving to be completed and weather.

Unfortunately with concrete swimming pools this process takes a much longer period of time as the swimming pool needs to be excavated, steel needs to be fixed into position, concrete needs to be sprayed and then the finish to the swimming pool applied.  Once that is complete the decking and paving can be undertaken then landscaping.  This will generally take 2 to 3 months.

The good thing is that once the swimming pool is installed and your grass and gardens have recovered you and your family will have many years of fun and enjoyment in your new Leisure Pools composite fibreglass swimming pool!