It’s no secret that our pools are packed with features, but there are some not-so-well-known hidden benefits you’re probably not aware of. We’d like to offer you three awesome (and hidden) features that are built into the delivery of every Leisure Pools composite fibreglass swimming pool we deliver to you:

Exercising Your Minds & Bodies – In a Fun Way

The beauty of having your own swimming pool is that now there is always something fun to do.  Instead of wondering what’s on television or playing video games or having your family stuck with looking at their mobile phones, now you can have fun – together – playing in your swimming pool.  Playing games together and enjoying a swimming pool encourages conversation in a very fun, appealing way.  Now, the “hidden” aspect is that swimming provides a great way to exercise both your mind and your body.  Swimming works out every muscle in your body and will help keep you fit.  By being outside, and playing with others, it develops your social skills and opens you mind to social interaction.

Safety Ledge – Structural Integrity

Families appreciate the “safety ledge” that is built into every Leisure Pools as it provides a great way for inexperienced / beginning swimmers to feel more comfortable in the pool.  Children can use the ledge to stand upon at the side of the pool as a resting place or simply to hold onto the top of the pool while resting their feet on the ledge at any part of the pool. It encourages participation and swimming fun – but what you may not realize is that this ledge also provides additional reinforcement to the pool itself making it stronger and a better product.  It’s a part of our manufacturing process that yields rewards in more than one way.

Making New Friends & Bringing Families Together

Dale Carnegie could have written, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” by simply saying “buy a great Leisure Pools fibreglass swimming pool.”  But then, it wouldn’t have been much of a book.  Having a pool will elevate your popularity as now you will get a chance to meet the neighbor kids, your kid’s friends – or even better, give you an opportunity to invite kids over and see if they become friends.  Having a pool also is a great way to meet other adults from your neighborhood, like the parents of your neighbor kids.  So the “hidden” aspect here is that while you may be putting the pool in for you, you have the opportunity to extend the joy of swimming to many others and encourages you to become a better neighbor and friend.

Making You Happy

It’s a dream for many families to have their own swimming pool and the pride that many parents feel when they see their kids happy is immeasurable.  The biggest “hidden” aspect here is the way you will feel about having your own Leisure Pools composite fibreglass swimming pool.  Many parents report how happy they are with the ability to just sit back, relax and watch the beauty of their pool at night or to sit with their partners and enjoy some quiet time, together, with their pool.

If you want to learn more about having your own pool to reap these benefits, visit and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.