Next to making the decision of which pool style is right for you, choosing the right colour can be just as important! The colour needs to be something that you like, that suits your landscaping and surrounds, and that makes you want to dive right in to your pool. The Leisure Pools Colour Range has been developed over years of research, looking at different landscapes and surrounds, listening to customer feedback, and the drive to make swimming pools suit such a wide range of tastes.

Colour Range Technology:

The technology behind our colour range can be just as important as the colour itself, and so in partnership with Allnex, the Leisure Pools Colour Range not only looks good, but has excellent UV, blister and chemical resistance as well. Which is so important in today’s climates and the environmental influences around your pool.

Shimmer Colour Range:

The Leisure Pools Shimmer Range has been called this for a simple reason, these colours are given an added brilliance by having an in-built sparkle and shimmer effect. In different lights your pool will look like it has millions of diamonds scattered over the pool surface. The Leisure Pools Shimmer Range is a big step forward from traditional looking swimming pools. The added effect of the shimmer and sparkle make the colour brighter and more radiant. Certainly an effect that makes the pool water appear crystal clear and inviting! To see an example of what your pool might look like in different colours, have a look at the Colour Changer feature on each of our Pool Styles pages.

Granite Colour Range:

Colour is such a personal decision, so our goal is to give you all the tools you need to select your dream pool. The Leisure Pools Granite Range offers great support to the Shimmer Range in providing a well rounded approach to colour selection. This style of colour finish features a unique non-abrasive granite style finish. This range features a proven selection of colours to choose from that have stood the test of time in pool manufacturing. Speak with your local dealer if you have interest in this colour range.


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