Although fibreglass swimming pools are made using molds, there are still many ways to make your Leisure Pools swimming pool unique and to customize it. With these tips, you can ensure your pool is distinctive and meets all your needs, desires and aesthetic.

1. Choose a Pool Design Packed with Your Favorite Features

We offer nearly 20 different pool designs that come in a range of sizes to meet any need. You can choose a simple pool with a long, unobstructed swim corridor for lap swimming, or a swimming pool with a built-in spa and splash deck. There are also flat-bottom pools that are great for pool sports and kids, or swimming pools with a deep enough depth for a diving board. The possibilities are endless!

2. Select Your Perfect Colour from Our Seven Gelcoat Colours

Allure in Graphite Grey

At Leisure Pools, we offer six gorgeous gelcoat colours to choose from for your pool. Each colour has a brilliant look and even a built-in shine so that it will look like diamonds sparkling across the surface of your pool. Our colours are even blister and fade resistant.

3. Choose Your Ideal Pool Deck Material

There are lots of options for your pool deck, and all depends on the look you’re seeking and price. Natural stone has a great look, or you can choose pavers, concrete or wood.

4. Add One of Our Stunning Water Features

Our water features are not only a beautiful addition to your pool, but provide the tranquil sound of cascading water. Choose from these six different water feature designs. You can even customise your water feature with with different spill options and they can be clad with nearly any tile you desire.

5. Choose from Endless Tile Styles and Colours

In addition to having your water feature tiled, you can also tile the water line of your pool–you can even have it match your water feature!

6. Add a Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is perfect for basking in the sun or as a play area for kids since it has a consistent, shallow depth. Place your lounge chair in your tanning ledge and you’ll feel like you’re at the beach!

7. Complete Your Pool Space with Beautiful Landscaping

The right landscaping makes a big difference in completing the overall look and aesthetic of your pool space. A professional landscape architect can help you plan out your landscaping.

Are you ready for a swimming pool that is uniquely your own? A pool that has everything you could desire? Get on the path to pool ownership today with Leisure Pools. Contact us today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.