Installing a swimming pool is an investment, and according to studies, can increase the value of your home. Although a pool can bring value, you may be wondering what factors play into the actual cost of a swimming pool.

1. The Type of Swimming Pool

There are three main types of pools: Concrete/gunite, vinyl liner and fibreglass. Vinyl liner pools are the least expensive, but they’re also the least durable. Leisure Pools produces composite fibreglass pools. While our pools will cost more than a vinyl liner pool, our pools are strong and made to provide a lifetime of worry-free ownership.

2. The Size of the Pool

A larger pool may cost more than a smaller-sized pool, like a plunge pool. At Leisure Pools, we offer a myriad of size options with our swimming pools. Homeowners can rest assured they’ll find a pool size that fits their backyard and meets their needs.

3. The Pool’s Features

We look to provide our customers with many different options that will make their pool uniquely their own. For those who prefer a pool that is simple yet elegant in design, we have pool options that meet this aesthetic, but for those looking for a pool packed with features like a built-in spa or splash pad, we have pool designs that meet that need as well. We also offer tanning ledges, spas and water features that can be included in your pool space. It really comes down to your budget and what will best fit your needs. Leisure Pools does have an option to fit nearly any function.

4. The Quality

You want a pool that lasts and will be worth what you invest in it. At Leisure Pools, we understand a pool is a long-term investment, so we make sure our pools are strong, durable and will withstand the test of time. We are so certain that we build the world’s best composite pool that we offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty and Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty on all of our Swimming Pools. We call these two warranties our Leisure Pools Warranty.

5. The Type of Decking and Lighting

Just like there are many options for the size and features for a pool, the type and amount of decking you choose can vary in price. Some pool decking choices into pavers, concrete, natural stone or wood. There are also a variety of different lighting options like pool lights and landscape lights.

6. The Landscaping

Some pool owners may look to save money by having little to no landscaping, while others may take a DYI approach, and some may look to hire a professional landscaping company.


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