Enjoying the outdoors and crisp, fresh air is so much better by serene and beautiful pool. When reaping the benefits of pool-side relaxation, it’s certainly helpful when you’re feeling comfortable. There are many ways and options for keeping your pool space nice and comfy. Let’s be honest, how comfortable are cold, hard, plastic lounge chairs, especially during cooler weather? We’ve put together a list of six tips that will help make your pool space even more comfortable and enjoyable than it already is.

1. Bundles of Blankets:

When enjoying post-dinner cocktails or a crisp afternoon reading by the pool, soft, cozy blankets are a must. Blankets come in so many colours and patterns that you can even find styles that complement your outdoor decorations–and better yet, even match the color of your pool! Keep blankets in an easy to reach spot by your patio to ward off the chill and grab when in need.

2. Hang Out in a Hammock

Hammocks create the feeling that you’re on holiday in a tropical locale–plus the swinging motion is relaxing! There endless options in hammock colours and styles. You can even opt for a double hammock for you and your loved one. If it’s cool outside, add some blankets and you’ll be feeling cozy in no time!

3. Comfy Cushions

If you do have hard, plastic or wood lounge chairs, you can make them instantly more comfortable with plush cushions. Like blankets, find cushions that match your colour scheme. You can brighten up your pool space and make it more festive with fun colors and patterns. You can even add cushions to your patio dining chairs or bar stools to make them instantly more comfortable.

4. Blazing Fire

Pool-side fire provides instant coziness. Depending on your preference, you may desire a fire fit complete with seating, or you may prefer a pool-side fireplace. Either option adds to the appeal of your home and backyard as it’s aesthetically pleasing. Even strategically placed candles can add to the ambiance and create a coziness factor.

5. Plush Pillows

When you think of pillows, the pool probably doesn’t come to mind, but pillows are a great addition to cushioned lounge chairs and patio furniture. Pillows are a great decorative accessory, but add comfort too. Imagine relaxing by your pool with cushions, blankets and pillows too! It’s the perfect addition to have a nice pool-side nap.

6. Outdoor Kitchen

So you probably don’t think of an outdoor kitchen as something cozy. However, it provides easy access to hot cup of tea or night time cocktail that you can curl up with while you read you listen to your favorite music or read a new book–without ever having to leave your pool area. There are many options with outdoor kitchens from a full kitchen to just a bar area.


Pool ownership provides the benefit of a beautiful and enjoyable place to relax. As a pool owner, it’s fun to make your pool space your own, and one of the ways to do so is to make it comfortable. Learn more benefits of pool ownership by contacting Leisure Pools today (www.leisurepools.com.au) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.