As the weather becomes cooler, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the warm, massaging water of a spa. A spa is the perfect addition to your swimming pool, or even just to have on its own. While spas are beautiful in their own right, there are ways to make your backyard spa a stunningly beautiful addition to your home, creating a relaxing and soothing environment.

1. Water Features

A water feature is a beautiful addition to any spa providing a waterfall of water that’s breathtaking. There are endless options with water features and many water features can be tiled or clad to fit your own unique look and vibe for your pool and spa space.

2. Cascading Spillovers

Leisure Pools offers spas with spill overs that provide the soothing sound of cascading water, like the Sorrento Spa Square with Spillover (pictured). Leisure Pools also has pool and spa combinations, like the Allure and Opulence that have a spa that spills over into a beautiful pool.

3. Lighting

The right lighting can provide the perfect ambiance to your pool and backyard. You can opt for pool and spa lighting that lights up the surface of your pool at night, or you can opt for landscape lighting. Choose your own unique lighting scheme to make your spa your own.

4. Landscaping

Good landscaping can make an enormous difference. Plants and trees can provide a look that is tropical and exotic, transforming your spa into your own personal paradise.

5. Decking

When it comes to your deck and patio, there are many options like concrete, pavers, wood or natural stone. Your choice can create the perfect look for your backyard, complementing your home and spa.

This winter, consider making a splash with a spa. There are many ways to make your spa your own, creating an aesthetically pleasing backyard space to relax and enjoy the water. Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.