Do you ever feel tied down by having to plan trips to a community pool? Or have you ever wished for the freedom of a staycation? Owning a pool has many benefits, and freedom is one of them. Learn more about the five ways owning your own pool can provide freedom.

1. The Convenience Factor

You know how when you go to a pool you have to pack your bag, prepare food to bring with you, make sure you didn’t forget anything and then drive all the way to the pool? Sometimes it can take valuable time to prepare. When you own a pool that’s right outside your door, you don’t have to spend all that time preparing and driving. It’s a breeze! And if you forgot something, you don’t have to drive home to get it!

2. Freedom of Flexibility

If you’re going to a community swimming pool, or a pool at your gym, you’re limited on when you can go–you have to go during hours of operation and sometimes these pools are only open for part of the year. With your own pool, you have the freedom to enjoy your pool any day, any time.

3. Freedom to Do What You Want

Say that it’s a Thursday evening and you want to swim laps, but your community pool is shut down for swimming lessons, a water aerobics class or it’s just plain crowded. With your own pool, you can do what you want, whenever you want!

4. Freedom to Customize Your Pool

Your community swimming pool isn’t customized for your needs or desires. With your own pool, you have the freedom to choose the shape, the features and with Leisure Pools, even the color, so that it suits your specific needs. You can even further customize it with water features, tiling and your choose of decking and lighting.

5. Freedom to Have Whoever You Want Enjoy It

Your community pool or the pool at your gym requires a membership. If your friends and family don’t have a membership at the same pool, you can’t enjoy it together. With your own pool, you can throw parties, get-togethers or family reunions any time you like with anyone you like.


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Leisure Pools Manufacturing is committed to continuing to help families achieve their dreams of owning a swimming pool. All of our independently owned dealers are capable of being able to assist you in making your pool dreams come true in the current environment. We are achieving this through the use of technologies including online consultations, presentations and contactless communication that will help you work through your building project so that you can be a step further in creating your dream backyard. Pool Advisors and dealers can view maps of properties prior to and even during your consultation to assist in developing a base understanding of your property, access and the types of designs that would really work for you and your home. Our Virtual Appointments can all be done from the comfort of your home without having someone in your home.  

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