5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Pool

At Leisure Pools, we offer pools to fit nearly any aesthetic, activity or function. If you cruise through our website, you can see all of the many options and sizes available. While it’s thrilling to have so many options, it may be overwhelming. By asking these questions, you can narrow down the pool that’s perfect for you or your family.

1. What Swimming Pool Features are Important to You?

Think about how each member of your family plans to use the pool. Is it for exercise and lap swimming? Playing pool games? Tanning and relaxing? Do you plan to have a diving board? Do you desire both a pool and spa combination? All these questions will help you determine which pool is right for you. For example, a flat bottom pool is best for pool games. A lap swimming pool will have an unobstructed swim corridor. For tanning and relaxing you may want to have a tanning ledge. Leisure Pools also offers pool and spa combinations which are a perfect fit for families who desire a pool packed with features.

2. What Kind of Space Do You Have to Work With?

The space you have available will also determine which pool you can fit. Just because you have a small space, or challenging space, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool. Leisure Pools offers plunge pools that can fit small spaces. Your backyard space may also determine whether you can accommodate a vanishing edge pool–which can be stunning in backyards that allow for it.

3. What Aesthetic Do You Desire?

Leisure Pools swimming pools come in two main styles: rectangular or free form. A rectangular pool has sleek, modern lines whereas a free form pool has soft, flowing curves. We also have more traditional shapes like the Tuscany kidney-shaped style, or you can even have a combination of rectangular and free form with the Moroccan. The shape and design of the pool you choose comes down to what style fits your backyard space, the function you desire and what you feel is most aesthetically pleasing to you.

4. Is Colour Important to You?

At Leisure Pools we offer seven stunning, brilliant colours to choose from. These gelcoat colours have a built-in sparkle that looks like diamonds shimmering across the surface of the pool. The gelcoat also offers a smooth finish.

5. Is Quality Important to You?

Like any product category, the quality of a fiberglass swimming pool varies from company to company.  At Leisure Pools, we have a reputation of manufacturing a very high quality swimming pool with an excellent warranty for a very reasonable price. In fact, our swimming pools come with a lifetime structural warranty, and if you choose our Composite Armour, you also receive a lifetime structural osmosis warranty. Testing shows that a Leisure Pools Composite Armour™ Full Vinyl Ester Resin Swimming Pool is 111% stronger than a standard fiberglass swimming pool.

Are you ready for a pool? Contact Leisure Pools today (www.leisurepools.com.au) and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.