With half of Australians not getting enough sleep, a study by health insurer MBF also shows that 44% of Australians report that they are exhausted by the time they get home from work.  Lack of sleep can create many adverse outcomes.  People who are tired have a higher risk of getting into an automobile accident, and it can also impede thinking and learning.  Those who lack sleep are also at risk for serious medical problems like heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and high blood pressure.  Needless to say, sleep is important.  But did you know that pools and spas can improve your sleep?  Let’s look at a few ways you’ll be on your way to sleeping more soundly with a pool or spa.

1.  Exercise:  In 2013 the National Sleep Foundation found that there is a correlation between exercise and sleep.  Those who exercise indicated they received a good night’s sleep nearly every night compared to those who did not.  But why is swimming, in particular, one of the best exercises for sleeping well?  Unlike other forms of exercise, swimming utilises all the major muscle groups, tiring your body more.  It’s also an aerobic activity as well as the water providing resistance.

2.  Water Temperature:  Warm water can raise your body temperature, which can cause fatigue and make you sleepy.  In turn, cool water can also create fatigue as your body works to stay warm.  So whether you are in a warm spa, or a cold pool, the temperature can help prepare you for sleep.

3.  Relaxation:  Taking a break from busy life and unwinding either with a swim or a soak in a spa can help reduce stress and enable you to relax and unwind.  If you suffer from insomnia, a spa is a great place to practice breathing and relaxation techniques.

4.  Massage:  Spas, and even some pools, have pulsating water that can not only soothe sore muscles, but also relieves aches and pains.  The massaging of the water can also help you relax, leading to a better sleep.

If you’re suffering from a lack of sleep, a pool or spa could be the answer.  Contact Leisure Pools today (www.leisurepools.com.au) and Get Swimming and Quality and Style.