After a long week of work, planning for the weekend can be an endeavor.  There are so many options for entertainment: restaurants, movies, sports, nightlife or events.  Then there are tasks like catching up on house work, errands and running the kids around.  All of this can leave you exhausted by Monday!  When you own a pool, it offers a weekend escape right in your own backyard.  Let’s look at some of the reasons pools make the best weekend activity.

1. Less Travel Time:  Having a pool in your own backyard allows you to enjoy a mini weekend vacation without ever leaving your house!  Instead of spending hours traveling, or driving around town, you save yourself time…and the headache of travel.

2. Convenience:  Do you ever go out on the weekend and realise you’ve left something at home?  Or do you spend a lot of time preparing to go out and getting the kids ready?  Having a pool in your backyard offers a huge benefit: convenience.

3. Comfort:  While your friends and family may have nice places, nothing is as comfortable as relaxing in your own home, or in this case, your own pool!

4. Sunshine:  Instead of being indoors, why not be outdoors in the sun?  Studies have shown the benefits of sunlight.  It improves your mood and provides vitamin D.

5. Exercise:  On the weekends, it can be difficult to make yourself go to the gym.  When you own a pool, you have the perfect, convenient place to exercise.  Plus, exercising in a pool on a beautiful day is so much more fun than the gym.

6. Relaxation:  Don’t go into Monday tired.  A pool provides the ideal place for relaxation and rest.  Whether you take a nap, read a book, or bask in the sun, you’ll feel rejuvenated going into the work week.

7. Social Life:  Is it ever a challenge to get friends and family to come over?  When you own a pool, everyone will enjoy having your place as the meeting spot.  Pools provide entertainment, fun and a great place to sit with friends and catch up on life. And who doesn’t love a great pool party too?

8. Play Time:  If you have children, a pool is like a giant playground offering hours of fun and games.  It also enables kids to be outdoors and exercising, providing many health benefits.

9. Family Time:  It can be challenging to get all your family members together and enjoying the same activities.  A pool offers activities that any age and any gender can enjoy.

10. Dining:  Why go out to a restaurant when you can enjoy a pool-side BBQ?  With the right furniture and shade, dinner is even more enjoyable when you can enjoy the fresh air and a beautiful sunset.


You can start enjoying your weekends by your own backyard pool.  Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.