Swimming pools have a long history of providing enjoyment and entertainment. Back in November of last year, we created a list of the top fun facts about swimming pools. The post was so well received, we decided to provide 10 more interesting facts that pool owners and enthusiasts may find educational or interesting. There’s a good reason why swimming pools have stood the test of time and continue to create so many wonderful memories!

1. People have been enjoying swimming for thousands of years.

Evidence of swimming was found in Egypt as far back as 2,000 B.C.

2. Swimming pools didn’t always have filtration–thank goodness they do now! 

The first swimming pool filtration system was installed in 1910.

3. It’s extremely challenging to quality for the Olympics as a swimmer.

On average 1850 swimmers will make it to the Olympic trials. Of those swimmers, nearly 50 of them will actually make the Olympic swim team.

4. The breaststroke is the oldest swimming stroke.

It dates as far back as the 1st century BCE.

5. Surprisingly, over half the world doesn’t know how to swim.

This is a scary statistic as learning to swim obviously drastically decreases the chance of drowning. In fact, swimming lessons reduce drowning risk by 88%.

6. Parents begin swim lessons with kids as early as 12 months. 

Teaches kids to swim has many benefits including improved balance, coordination and motor skills.

7. The most popular swimming pool game is Marco Polo.

Sharks and Minnows is a close second.

8. 38% of pools have diving boards.

Diving boards provide added entertainment, exercise and you can even have diving contests.

9. Currently there are over 10 million swimming pools world wide.

That’s a lot of swimming pools!

10. Swimmers use nearly every muscle in their bodies.

Swimming is also one of the best cardiovascular exercises.


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